These are the rules of Bad Trip.  For other matters, use common

sense or ask an immortal. Ignorance of these rules will not be

accepted as an excuse.


* Your presence here is a privilege - not a right. Obey any orders from

gods and you will be fine. Deletion does not require a reason. Appeals

are to be sent to the implementers (note to 'imp').


* Changes to these rules are at the discretion of the implementers, and

may be done without warning, notice, or even evidence of sanity. It is

your responsibility to keep your knowledge of the rules current at all



* Read all your changes and notes at all times. This is an enforced rule.

All claims made in ignorance will now be punished to the full extent. The

same goes for blatant disregard of any rule.


* Cheating will NOT be tolerated. This includes accepting favors from

gods and exploiting bugs. If you find a bug, report it via a note to

immortal, then do not use it.


* Since we allow cursing, discussions of an adult nature and other things

that might make some people uncomfortable, grey areas will be dealt with



* Advertising of any diversion beyond the game is not permitted. BadTrip will

not be a bulletin board for other games. Anyone who arrives with the sole

intent to harvest players from BadTrip will find themselves most rudely and

promptly terminated. Those who choose to engage the game have made the choice

based on personal tastes, and will not be subjected to advertisements for

other MUDs, environments or products here.


* Play at your own risk; there will be no reimbursement of lost experience

or items from crashes, lag, line-noise, dropped connections, etc. BadTrip

mud is currently deep in development and although stable, it is still in




When you are done reading this, please close this window.