There are hardcoded PK ranges coded in : the range is 50 levels up and



If you find a way around these ranges, NOTE IMP and do not abuse it.


If you are peaceful, that means you do not engage in *any* kind of PK

situation.  This includes stealing from other players using the steal

skill or even by lying to them or cheating them in a deal.


If you're in the battlefield that's the only time you can PK, and of

course, the battlefield has its own rules on things you can and cannot



IF you do things that regularly resemble PK situations, you could find

yourself without a character.


Peaceful (NPK) characters are not allowed to make ANY aggressive actions

toward a PK character ('help aggressive' for more info), nor can they

intervene in a PK situation by helping 1 of 2 people in a pfight...not by

healing, spelling up, or anything.


PK characters are not allowed to lie, cheat, or steal from NPK

characters.  If that happens, the PK character will be duly punished, up

to and including the removal of the character.


NPK's show up in [] in the who list, while PK'ers show up in ().


Any player who dies from a pvp fight will recieve a [GHOST] flag.   The

[GHOST] flag stays on a player for 30 minutes.  During this time the

player may not initiate combat with another player or be attacked by

one.  After the timer has run down and the flag removed the player may

attack and be attacked as normal.


***The cost to toggle No_PK is 150 IMPS ***The cost to toggle PK is 50 IMPS


See also Help Aggressive.


When you are done reading this, please close this window.