Aggressive actions are defined as any action which the target has the

option of retaliating against with force, even if the action itself does

not initiate combat.  If you perform an aggressive action on a person,

the person has the option of killing you for it until s/he successfully

does just that.


Aggressive actions include push, drag, or any spell or action which the

target does not want, including insults on roleplay channels or notes.


For instance, if you teleport someone against his/her will, that's

aggressive.  If you cast dispel magic on a person against his/her will

that's aggressive, etc.


NOTE: Casting a spell and reciting a scroll are the same thing.  So

reciting a scroll of whatever is just as aggressive as casting the spell.


The only reason we are even bothering to try and define this for you is

because while anyone who is PK may be as aggressive as they choose to

other PK flagged players - if a PCFL flagged player is involved there is

a problem.  If the PEACEFUL is the one aggressive they may be set PK or otherwise

penalized as deemed appropriate for the situation.  If the Player Killer is the

one being aggressive to a Peaceful - a penalty is not far behind.





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